Our Philosophy

Planning for Positive Results
Our Philosophy RDA Benefit Services

RDA Benefit Services LLC is an experienced, service-oriented agency that brings both passion and professionalism by providing customized group benefits plans for owners and employees of privately-held companies. Equally important, we have gained a well-deserved reputation with clients for quickly solving their time-consuming benefit problems. 

We know that benefits today are so much more than just providing insurance benefits to employees. Packages are highly complex and there are numerous variables. It is essential for businesses to have the right plans in place because the quality of your company benefits plan defines the perceived level of importance of how you view your employees – and how they view you. In addition, the quality of your employee benefits plans often dictates your ability to successfully attract and retain key employees that are essential in keeping your company growing and competitive.

Speaking Your Language
We know the challenges you face in running your company because we are also business owners. We understand your concerns about remaining in compliance and maintaining your competitive edge. Our expertise in tax-advantaged benefits planning helps you keep overhead costs down and greatly improve your bottom line.  Drawing on a comprehensive portfolio and over thirty years of experience in designing company benefit plans, we thoroughly research the market to find solutions for your unique needs. We then bring the most competitive offers to you for your review – keeping you in control.

Innovative Insights
RDA Benefit Services helps you understand the various uses and benefits of insurance products. We show you how to maximize these options to reduce your tax burden and achieve your business and family goals, which are often interrelated as the owner of a privately-held business. Choosing from among several dozen of the leading insurers in your state, we do the shopping for you – taking into account your industry and specific needs – to find you the right packages to fit your business.

Mission Statement
We pride ourselves on offering our expert consulting services to help our clients. Our focus is helping select customized, innovative group employee benefits plans and retirement planning options for business owners, executives & employees. Our mission is to treat every client with professionalism, respect & compassion, allowing them to focus on their businesses, knowing their employees and families will be taken care of.

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What our Clients Say

RDA Benefits offers exemplary service. We have significantly benefited from their expertise which helped us secure a much better benefits package for our employees. They go above to help our employees with any questions, or issues they are having related to their plans. I highly recommend them and I can’t say enough good things about their work.

Michelle Wilson, Associate Director Elijah’s Promise