About RDA Benefit Services

Nancy and Robert DamatoRDA Benefit Services, LLC is a full-service employee benefits consulting firm that provides privately-held companies with tax-advantaged individual and group insurance plans. Founded in 1987, we have over three decades of experience serving businesses throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.  We offer group employee benefits and voluntary benefits, as well as key employee benefits, such as employer and employee-owned individual life and disability insurance for owners and key executives.

RDA Benefit Services is an independent firm and has access to all insurance carriers.  This allows us to customize plans that best fit your company’s needs. Choosing from dozens of the leading insurance carriers that do business in your state, we shop the market for you to find the several insurance company benefits packages that fit your criteria, then allowing you to make the final selection.  RDA also offers comprehensive Human Resources support to assist businesses with staying compliant in today’s everchanging business regulatory environment.

The Right Benefits Package for Your Business

Whether you are a small firm with a growing business or a third generation, family-owned business with 400 employees located in multiple states, RDA Benefit Services can help you choose the right company benefit plans for you and your employees. Creating the right package of employee benefits is essential to attracting and retaining key executives and staff who will keep your company competitive and growing for years to come. We partner with our clients to determine the right plans to fit their needs and budget. Putting our extensive experience to work, we thoroughly analyze your business and industry to identify the individual and group employee plans that will allow you to maintain your competitive edge.

Manage Costs and Plan for the Future

RDA can help you manage your costs and plan for the future by leveraging tax-advantaged employee benefit plans to ensure that you have protected the future of your business and the lives of your valued employees.

We help businesses with a wide range of plans and packages, including but not limited to:

  • Group Health Insurance Plans
  • Group Dental Insurance Plans
  • Voluntary Workplace Benefits
  • Vision Plans
  • Group and Individual Life Insurance Plans
  • Group and Individual Disability Insurance Plans
  • Long Term Care Insurance Plans
  • Wellness Programs
  • Many More…

Whatever your needs, RDA has the expertise, passion and professionalism to craft the right solution to effectively address those needs and accomplish your goals.

If you are interested in learning more about our comprehensive suite of customized employee benefit products and services, please contact us today for a free consultation and review.

Our Partnerships

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What our Clients Say

RDA Benefits offers exemplary service. We have significantly benefited from their expertise which helped us secure a much better benefits package for our employees. They go above to help our employees with any questions, or issues they are having related to their plans. I highly recommend them and I can’t say enough good things about their work.

Michelle Wilson, Associate Director Elijah’s Promise